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- 9 - Arbeitsblätter

Several body parts spelled out in different shapes and sizes are scattered across the face of this work sheet. Pupils can count the number of body parts they see and write them down.

This diagramme of a boy can be coloured in by pupils in the colours in which the body parts surrounding him are coloured.

Pupils can follow a simple seet of instructions in order to draw a woman.

On this work sheet pupils can describe a girl in short sentences using the colours and body parts given. (E.g.: She has got short hair.)

A strong young boy is depicted on this work sheet. Pupils can fill in the correct body parts from the box below.

This crossword full of body parts should not be too difficult for pupils to complete.

The letters of these objects are all mixed up. Pupils can unscramble the letters and write down the correct word.

Arbeitsblatt passt für folgende Produkte

Pupils can unscramble the letters of mixed up body parts and write down the correct word.

Children have the chance to learn about various parts of the body and clothing. Pupils can write down the number of the picture and the German translation. Afterwards they should try to make a sentence using each word.

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