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- 8 - Arbeitsblätter

Pupils can colour in all the parts of this puzzle which have clothes written inside them.

Various pieces of clothing are pictured on this work sheet. Pupils can cut them out and play memory together.

Pupils learn how to ask each other questions about pieces of clothing. They can then answer accordingly by using either yes or no.

Pupils will learn about asking for and giving the answer on the price of clothing. It also includes revision on numbers.

Here is some information on the colours of two peoples’ clothing. Pupils can read through the info and colour in the pictures accordingly.

Pupils can ask each other questions about the colour of their clothing. They can then colour in the pictures on the sheet.

Children have the chance to learn about various parts of the body and clothing. Pupils can write down the number of the picture and the German translation. Afterwards they should try to make a sentence using each word.

Pupils can match the words in the boxes with the pictures of clothing by drawing lines.

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